Bar Tables And Chairs That Fits Into Your Kitchen

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Bar Height Outdoor Table

Bar tables and chairs give meals a boost. Our chairs and stools fit the height of our tables. You can also find the bar stools in lower versions, which can be used at the kitchen worktop or kitchen island. Then guests and family can keep you company and you do not miss the latest news while cutting carrots. (And maybe they can give ‘a hand with’). Whether you choose to place your high table in the kitchen, living room or hall, we have bar tables in different materials and styles.

You will find both tables in wood or steel. They either have room for two or four people. However, you can easily sit more if you don’t mind sitting close. We have both bar stools and bar stools in different expressions. All bar stools are designed to fit our bar tables in both expression and height.

Most of the chairs are available in two heights. The high fits best on our high tables and the low fits well to a kitchen island or the front of a kitchen worktop. But bar stools are also growing in the consumer market. Where they have also entered the home interior where they are seen by kitchens and kitchen islands.

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