Beautiful Full Bed With Drawers

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Build Full Bed With Drawers

The habit of storing objects under his bed is not new and it is from this observation that manufacturers have imagined the full bed with drawers. Indeed, a pile of business under the bedding affects the aesthetic appearance of a room and have a storage box can overcome this problem. The crib bed is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful of the range of beds with storage and the models proposed today are more and more designs.

But its main asset is of course the large storage area it offers, which obviously varies depending on the size of the bed. You will find 4 standard dimensions in the departments of specialized stores, 140 x 190 cm, 140 x 200 cm, 160 x 190 cm and 160 x 200 cm. The volume of the trunk will thus vary from 500 to 700 liters. Two types of mechanisms move the trunk of the bed, the hydraulic lifting system and the gas cylinder model.

The latter facilitates even more the handling of the drawer bed and allows lifting at 40 °. Do not neglect the fitting aspect of the bed. Favor models that fit easily, or even pre-mounted. The price will of course be higher, but you will gain in ease of assembly of your bed trunk. There are also removable models that are very practical for cleaning.

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