Build The Full Bed With Storage Drawers

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Sturdy Full Size Platform Bed

Full Bed With Storage Drawers – People have been applying them under their beds as a storage area for years. However, the construction of drawers below can provide not only storage space, but can replace a section of your closet, or on your dresser. This can create more space in your house and bedroom. Using a little patience and a precise measurement, you can create a base structure for your mattress, as well as a set of organized drawers.

Remove the mattress from the bed frame. Measure the bed frame so you know what measures you need to create for your drawers for bed frames and storage. Remove the frame from the current bed and keep it aside in case you need more measurements. Get the drawer boxes first. Use four pieces of wood planks for the sides, two smaller ones for the front and back, and two plates a little larger for the sides. Screw or glue these drawers piece by piece, until the frame of a drawer is created.

Build the base of the next bed, which is where the drawers slide inside. This wooden frame will be the bulk of your work and will be the support system for the mattress. Screw each of these four pieces together, one by one. Make the sections that will support the drawers so they can slide in and out. Cross section of the wood with the ways of the drawer and the screw. Place the mattress back on the frame with storage drawers. Fill the drawers of clothes, antiques that need to be stored, or what is convenient for you.

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