Building Full Size Storage Bed With Drawers

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Full Size Bed Frame With Storage

Full size storage bed with drawers measuring 18 inches high covers more than 50 cubic meters of storage space. By building a bed frame with storage options, you can take advantage of that space and save money compared to buying a prefabricated bed frame.


Cut your planks and plywood to the necessary lengths using your chainsaw. Sand all faces in your wood with coarse abrasive paper. Set a 78-inch plank and a 60-inch plank together in an L shape, with the end of the longer plank facing the surface of the shorter. Attach them with two L-braces as in the inside corner, setting each brace 3 inches from either edge of the planks. Align the other 60-inch plank with the free end of the 78-inch plank. Slide the second 78-inch plank between the two 60-inch planks, parallel to the first 78-inch plank and 20 inches away from it.

Lay the plywood sheets on top of the frame you have built, side by side, with their outer edges flush with the outer edges of the frame. Screw down the plywood sheet that rests on the open side of the frame using any wood screw for each corner. Drive the screws through the sheet and into the edge of the board below.  Attach the second sheet to the first one using your five hinges. Screw the hinges into place using the screws provided. Attach the screws at 6 inches, 26 inches, 40 inches 54 inches and 74 inches from one edge. Sand exterior faces your full size storage bed with drawers using fine sandpaper.

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