California King Platform Bed With Drawers Ideas

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New California King Platform Bed With Drawers

California king platform bed with drawers – A set of drawers underneath the support platform in your bed allows you not only to take advantage of that space, but to organize it in a simple way your garbage can not underneath. Set aside an afternoon for this project.Cut all the wood with the dimensions needed to use your electric saw. Sand all sides of your wood with coarse-grained sandpaper.

You can sand all the wood if you like, but these specific faces are the only ones in which it is of vital importance. The leaves are large, where to place the mattress, which can be hooked on the wood more or less sand. Smaller sheets will form the bottom of the drawers, and you want to reduce friction.

Set the four 2 by 6 beams parallel to each other, with their ends aligned. The edges near the four beams should be 33 inches from the nearest edge of adjacent beams. Adjust the two sheets of plywood at the top of the beams so that their outer edges are flush with the outer edges of the rectangle formed by the beams. Screw the sheets of plywood into place with two lines of four screws per sheet. Each line must have a screw driven into each beam below. Insert the screws through the plywood and into the beam.

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