Choosing Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

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Round Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

Bathroom vanity mirrors – A bathroom can be so many things: a place where you start and end the day or a place of relaxation where you can stay in the bath and forget about the worries of the day, for a little while. When decorating the bathroom, the decor should reflect the atmosphere you are trying to create. This extends to the bathroom vanity mirrors of your choice. Just like everything else in the bathroom, a mirror needs to fit in.


Measure the area above the vanity. This will help determine the size of the bathroom vanity mirrors you choose. Write down these measurements. Keep design style consistent. If you have a modern bathroom with modern furnishings, then you should pick out a makeup mirror that fits in with the rest of the decor. If you have a more traditional bathroom, then you should get a makeup mirror that is more traditional in style.

You can even make yourself your own bathroom vanity mirrors if you do not find one that you like. Measure the mirror before you buy it. The mirror should be the same width as vanity or slightly smaller. If the mirror is too wide or extends beyond the vanity it can make the mirror look disproportionate. Choose two vanity mirrors if you have two sinks. The mirrors should be centered over sinks and be proportional.

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