Chrome Chandelier In Proper Height

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Small Chrome Chandeliers

Chrome Chandelier – When deciding the proper height to hang a lamp you should consider the height of the ceiling, the diameter of the lamp and the desired function of the light. There are some guidelines, but your choice should be based on what operates best for your house.

According to designer Beryn Hammil, most chandeliers should be hung so that the bottom of the luminaire is 28 to 32 inches above the table. The scale of the light should be appropriate for the room and the width of the unit should be considered so that a person could get up from his seat and not hit his head.

Lamps hung in the two-story entrance pavilions should never hang below the second floor, according to the celestial light lighting store website. Keep in mind that the larger the device is, the smaller it will appear and the less light will provide the first floor. In a room with a standard height ceiling, a lamp should hang about 7 feet from the floor. This may vary according to personal taste, but remember that your guests could be 6 feet tall or taller. They depend on the height of your house. Also, take consideration for the style that fit your home design.

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