Covering Bar Stool Table Set

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Rustic Bar Height Dining Table Set

Change the look of your bar stool table set without recycling them. Make cover with drawstring edge that fits securely on most round bar stools. Use these covers to cover broken bar stool seats or change fabric on chairs to match your decor.


Place the pallet up and down on a large piece of paper. Trace around the seat. Draw a line 1/2 inch from the circle all the way around to create the pattern for the top of the pallet. Measure the perimeter of the seat and add 1 inch. Measure from the top of the side of the pallet to the outer edge of a leg. Add 1 1/4 inch to this measurement. At the end of this piece will extend as far as possible under the seat of the bar stool.  Zigzag one of the long sides of the rectangle to create a finished edge.

Fold the rectangle in the middle with the short sides together and the right side of the fabric on the inside. Cut a length of 1/8-inch cord or 1/4-inch tape or tape 16 inches longer than the case. Use a small safety pin to thread it through the housing. Pin the raw edge of the side panel around the edge of the top. Sew 2/1 inches from the edge. Clip the seam allowance of this seam every 1/4 inch around the edge. Turn the slip cover right side out. Pull it over the pallet.  Add extra padding to your bar stool set by cutting a circle of foam of the same size as the top of the pallet. Place it on top of the pallet before taking the measurements.

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