Decorate Behind Couch Bar Table In Basement

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Table Behind Couch Name

Behind Couch Bar Table – You do not need to go out to drink frequently when you have a room in the basement bar. Inviting friends and family about to enjoy the space with you is fun and often less expensive than going out drinking. Also, the bar area, add decor and the opportunity for activities in the basement bar room.

Decorate your bar in the basement with a theme of your favorite sports teams. Paint the room and find accessories bar in your team’s colors. Add barware with your engraving equipment on the glasses and place napkins and coasters on the bar with your logo. Hang pictures, a clock, neon, pennants, and banners of your team on the walls and place real-size vinyl murals of your favorite NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL players on the walls. Place bar tables and stools with your team logo. Add a pool table and darts for activities in the basement bar room.

It’s nice to see a movie at home with some friends and drinks. Convert your bar in the basement into a screening room with drinks and movies. Mount a large screen TV on the wall or a pendant projector and screen, if the budget and space allow. Hang movie posters on the walls and place a couple of chairs and sofas between the bar and the television. Install surround sound and shelves to display your DVD movie collection. Finally, add an old replica of a miniature popcorn corner stand to put on the bar or a large foot machine. Place the bowls on the bar to fill with popcorn.

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