DIY Bed Frame With Drawers Ideas

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Awesome Style Queen Bed Frame

DIY bed frame with drawers below can provide not only storage space, but can replace a section of your closet, or on your dresser. This can create more space in your house and bedroom. Using a little patience and a precise measurement, you can create a base structure for your mattress, as well as a set of organized drawers.

Remove the mattress from the bed frame. Measure the bed frame so you know what measures you need to create for your drawers for bed frames and storage. Remember, the motherboard will have to be about an inch and a half larger than the mattress so that the drawers are accessible. Add to the extra inches for this. Remove the frame from the current bed and keep it aside in case you need more measurements. Later, this can be donated or discarded.

Get the drawer boxes first. For queen and king-size beds, six drawers is the best fit with no longer offering a good storage space. In this way, there will be three drawers on each side. Use four pieces of wood planks for the sides, two smaller ones for the front and back, and two plates a little larger for the sides. Screw or glue these drawers piece by piece, until the frame of a drawer is created. Use a piece of wood for the bottom of the drawers, fixing it with screws or glue to the bottom of the four pieces of wood.

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