Diy Platform Bed With Drawers: Look What Ideas!

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DIY Platform Bed With Storage Drawer

Diy platform bed with drawers – Take advantage of the advice of a professional to exploit this place too often lost and gain storage. What if our bed offered us more than a rest area? In our contemporary homes, where every square meter counts, optimizing the space under the bed opens the door to multiple opportunities. Beds with storage, drawers, even integrated dressing, and these some achievements will surely inspire you to increase the potential of your bed!

You may have chosen a box spring and, as time passes, you would like to invest the unused space under your bed? Many manufacturers offer cases on wheels, baskets or storage boxes. Keep in mind that these boxes will be visible from the rest of the room. Better to favor the aesthetic aspect by choosing natural fiber baskets rather than transparent plastic storage bins whose contents will be seen.

We can also match these chests to the feet of the bed or the rest of the furniture, such as bedside tables or the headboard, for a uniform look. It will also be necessary to choose what is stored, because even placed under the bed, these storage will take the dust if they do not close tightly.

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