Full Size Platform Bed With Drawers For Teenager

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Wood Bed Frame Queen

Full size platform bed with drawers in a teen room can provide an elegant, modern look suitable for a child up to adulthood. Your teenager can even express their creativity by deciding how to paint or finish the bed.


Place two hollow doors together with wood glue, or cut a large piece of 2-inch thick wood for your platform base. Nail a 2-inch through 4-inch posts under the platform, in the middle and along the seam where the doors meet, if you use them. Center the board vertically. Nail another four 2-inch through 4-inch discs below the perimeter platform. Trim them if needed so that they are flush with door edges.

Attach the furniture legs between 6.5 and 10 inches to each corner of the platform bed, just inside the 2-inch with 4-inch discs. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for complete installation. Install three more legs down the length of the center card. These legs should measure 2-inches shorter than the others, as they will attach directly to the center 2-inch through 4-inch board. Does your teen choose a color for the bed? Prime the finished platform if you paint it. Allow it to dry completely. Paint the platform your teen’s desired color. Let the paint dry.

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