Harmonious Shapes Crystorama Chandelier

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Bubble Chandelier Dining

The classic hanging chandeliers are a decorative solution indicated for the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom and, where space permits. Even for the bathroom and the entrance to the stairs. The crystorama chandelier, thanks to their harmonious shape and great effect. Play a fundamental role in the beautification of spaces of small and large size and in the enhancement of their prestige. Unlike ceiling lights, suspension lighting is able to create visual effects with greater impact

As for the style, the Venetian chandeliers combine with different trends. While keeping the romantic and elegant personality that distinguishes them. The choice of where to place the suspension does not have to be relate to the point of connection in the room. If you are not too convinced of the starting position, you can always move the connection point using a cable. Using the intervention of a technician if you do not have enough experience.

The choice of where to place the lighting points in a space is very important. And should not be underestimated. As it is a small decision that will depend on the success or failure of the decoration. Think about which parts of the room should receive more light and which. On the other hand, should receive less light.

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