How To Attach Large Framed Mirrors

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Large Wood Framed Bathroom Mirrors

Large framed mirrors in the bathroom are wonderful when you need to get dressed or to see how you look, but it may not match your decor. If you have a fun, funky bathroom, or a Victorian-era molding, a plain mirror without frame will not cut it no matter how big it is. Use wood casting, but you can frame a mirror without taking it down from the wall. The project requires a small amount of woodworking knowledge, but the results are dramatic.


Clean mirror with glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Measure around the edges of the mirror with a tape measure. Cut four lengths of pre-finished wood casting matching the measurements you found in step 2 using one saw. Finished wood casting is already colored and painted, but if you want to add your own personal touch, you can buy raw wood casting and stain it yourself. For example, if you want an antique look, choose an intricate wood casting and give it a soft gold finish with bets and varnish.

Miter the edges of each length casting to a 45 degree angle. The cuts should tilt in opposite directions on each length of wood, resulting in a side that is longer than the other. Prepare a two-part clear epoxy in a plastic bowl. A two-component epoxy is not activated until both parts, which are kept in separate containers in the package, are mixed together. Stir the same amount of the two pieces into a plastic bowl with a color stirrer. Spread a thin layer of epoxy on the back of one of the lengths of casting using a brush.

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