How To Build The Wood Framed Mirrors

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Wood Framed Mirrors For Bathroom

Wood framed mirrors can work in almost any decor, between modern and traditional. Choose a rustic, unfinished look with faded, regenerated barn wood or finish a series of frames from a bright color spot for a modern look. Wood frame molding is available in stock finished or not, but if you have some pieces of wood around the house, consider putting them together to make a frame.

Consider your decoration. If your furniture and accessories are inclined towards walking around the house and looking at folk art, consider a reclaimed barn wood frame. Measure your mirror, and write down the dimensions. Head to a home improvement store for your wood or molding, and buy enough for your project. Saw the wood in four pieces by the measurements of the mirror. Make sure that the length of each piece is at least the entire length of each side plus the width of molding to allow mitering.

Use a miter box to miter the corners yourself. Glue the pieces with wood glue, and hold them. Allow the clamps to remain in place for 24 hours until the glue dries completely. Remove the clamps, and scrape off the excess glue with a straight edge. Primer and paint, or stain. Lay down to the frame, and attach adhesive around the frame of the mirror. Center it in your mirror.

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