How To Change Chandelier Painting

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Spray Paint Chandelier While Hanging

Chandelier painting lamp can give a new look to an old favorite. Painting can cover an ugly spot, or help melt in an older lamp in new decor. Whatever the reason, it is a task that will give a best chandelier painting a whole new look and give new atmosphere i your room.


Thoroughly clean the lamp to remove dust and grease; dirt can affect the color later.  Allow to dry thoroughly.  Place the lamp in a cardboard box. This will prevent the primer and paint from going everywhere. Spray lamp with spray paint primer and let it dry. The best things several thin layers rather than some thick ones. The thicker the coat, the greater the chance of drip spots and uneven color later.  Spray lamp with spray paint for metal. This is in every home improvement or craft store. Spray the entire lamp and allow the first coat to dry completely before the next coat. Apply several thin layers until the desired look is achieved.

It is recommended to ventilate well when spraying paint. Outside are best, but open windows will work just as well? Spray paint smoke can be dangerous. You have to wear protected clothing and glasses when working with spray paint.

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