How To Change Chandelier Tree Los Angeles

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Chandelier Christmas Tree

Installing a chandelier tree Los Angeles instead of an old chandelier requires careful attention to detail. Because your new chandeliers can be heavier than the old ones, it is important that you perform these steps carefully.


Determine the weight of your new chandelier. But if the chandelier is heavier than your current one, buy and install a junction box that will support the weight of your new chandelier. Before setting Turn off the power where the chandelier will be placed. When you think you’ve turned off the power, use a circuit tester to verify. Remove the old chandelier. As you do this step, note how the fixture was installed and mark the cables with tape.

Install the new hardware from the chandelier on the mounting strip. If there is no mounting strap, install one at this point. Wire the new chandelier just like the chandelier was.  You will need to remove about half a centimeter of insulation from each new wire before connecting it to the cable previously attached to the old chandelier. The rest of this procedure will be determined by the manufacturer’s instructions that followed the chandelier. Since all chandeliers are a little different, the process is individualize.

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