How To Mount A Bar Stools And Table Set

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Bar pallets can be primarily wood or metal, or a combination.Bar stools and table set are usually mounted and ready to be attached to the legs or a leg frame. Bar stool can be clothed with fabric, vinyl or leather and are padded with different thicknesses.


Remove bar stool pieces from the box. Lay out the pieces and hardware in an organized manner with all similar parts grouped. Squirt pea-sized click wood glue into the pre-drilled holes in the legs of a wooden bar stool to better secure leg braces. Insert the leg braces into the pre-drilled holes (joints) on the inner sides of the legs.  Wipe off any excess glue that seeps out of the holes / joints around the leg braces with kitchen towels.

Attach the backrest to the pallet seat if applicable.  Turn the pallet seat with the bottom side up and the seat part cushion underneath. There should be pre-drilled holes visible on the wood or chipboard which is the underside of the stool base.  Insert and screw the legs or leg stand to the pallet seat.  Place the lower leg frame under top leg position.  Tighten all screws with a screwdriver . Set bar stool upright.

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