How To Mount Metal Adjustable Bed Frame

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Metal adjustable bed frame – Maybe you have recently moved or, better yet, had the opportunity to buy a brand new bed. In both cases, you must mount an adjustable bed frame. While the process seems like it should be simple, it can be a real pain if it does not follow methodically following a few simple steps.


Measure the mattress. Take a tape measure and record the length and width of the mattress or springs box, regardless of which will rest directly on the frame. Place the metal adjustable bed frame parts in front of you. Place the two long sides parallel and the two shorter sides of the frame parallel, creating a rectangle. Use your measurements to ensure that the frame is large enough to accommodate the bed. Place the frame measurements a little larger than the bed to ensure the bed fits on top.

Connect the corners. Begin by connecting the upper right corner of the metal adjustable bed frame by knitting the bolt with the head on the top through the opening in the frame. Easily secure the nut to the bottom of the bolt, but not too hard to fine-tune the adjustments when the bed is in place. Repeat for all four corners. Place the bed on the frame. Take the mattress or mattress box and carefully place it on the frame. Slide each corner of the frame inward until it is flush with the mattress, creating a snug barrier around it. Secure in place. Tighten loose nuts on the bolts either by hand or using a wrench to securely secure them in place.

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