Ideas For Change A Chandelier Light Bulbs

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Chandelier light bulbs – The process of replacing the main light of a chandelier is not very different from replacing the light in another type of light fixture, although the nature of a hanging chandelier means you are likely to have a small ladder to access it. Compare your replacement bulb with the old bulb to make sure you are installing the correct type of bulb.

Ideas for change a chandelier light bulbs, turn off the light switch that powers the chandelier. If it is nighttime, take a flashlight or other light source so you can see it to replace the spider’s main bulb. Place a stepladder or sturdy stool slightly off center under the spider. Climb the ladder to get even with the main light.

Remove the light cover, if necessary. Most ceiling lamps have open lights, which means you will have easy access to the bulb itself. In some ceiling lamps, it is necessary to unscrew a cap or lens. The cover or lens may have screws that hold it in place, or it may simply unscrew. Take the main focus of the light gently and turn left to unscrew it from the socket. Step below the ladder and dispose of the old bulb. Upload a backup copy of the ladder with the spare bulb. Insert it into the socket and turn it clockwise to attach it to the spider.

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