Ideas For Taking Chandelier For Girls Room

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Teenage Bedroom Lighting

Chandelier for girls room makes a dramatic statement in a room, draw the eye up and make the room look taller. By decorating a chandelier, you can add a personal touch and create a custom design to add to your decor. If you are working with a new model or an old spider you have there, decorative touches can take you to a new level.

Give your new life to the lamp by replacing the light bulbs; Old light bulbs can create an outdated appearance, particularly when they are dirty or discolored. Choose a colored bulb or in a unique way; Circular lamps, for example, can give the lamp a more modern design. Soft light bulbs create a cozy glow, while brighter bulbs add light to a high ceiling. For an unexpected look, hide ugly bulbs by adding miniature lampshades.

Customize a chandelier with hanging items that create a stronger impact in the room. A romantic feeling or extra brightness, hang crystals or pieces of faceted glass from the bars. The light will be reflected on the sides, a glamorous feeling of the frame. Create a personal look with small toys, Christmas decorations or small memories. Hang them from the pieces of the bottom of the lamp with decorative tape or the twine. You can also hang strings of beads or ribbons from the top center towards the branches of the lamp for a dramatic effect.

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