Ideas Of Metal Bed Frame Ikea

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Original Ikea Bed Frame

Metal bed frame ikea – Creating a custom bed frame lets you transform your bedroom from a utilitarian one, to one that reflects your personality and style. Building a bed frame is not a difficult task for everyone with basic knowledge of how to use electric tools. The project is also an excellent project for parents and children to do together. Stopped headboards also provide an opportunity to put color and patterns in the room with graphic designs.


Measure the length of your mattress. Play this measurement. Measure the width of your mattress. Play this measurement. Cut two of your 2-by-6 boards to equal the measurement of the length of the bed. Cut two more boards to the same width on the bed. Paint all your metal bed frame ikea boards using latex paint or laser. Paint in long, even stroke. Move the foam brush over the board in the same direction as the wood fibers. Allow the boards to dry completely.

Frame out your bed by placing your width boards on the upper and lower and length boards on the right and left. Apply wood glue to the ends of boards where they form corners. Press the boards together to create your bed frame. Secure the metal bed frame ikea by screwing two wood screws into each corner. Measure the length of the bed from the inside center of the top board to the inside center of the bottom board. Cut your remaining board to equal this measurement. Apply wood glue to the ends of the boards and mount the board in place as a center support beam. Screw two wooden screws through the top beam of the bed frame into the support beam.

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