Ideas To Build Kids Bed With Drawers

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Unique Kids Bed Drawers

Kids bed with drawers – Beds that incorporate drawers under the mattress increase the storage space in a child’s room by utilizing all or part of the space under the bed for toys, books or clothing. Most of the time, people choose single beds for their children, although manufacturers build storage beds in all standard bed sizes. Children’s storage beds have platforms above the drawers to hold a mattress. Beds do not normally need box springs because the platform provides enough support for the bed.

Some beds have storage drawers on both sides of the unit, good for floating the bed in the center of the room or far enough from a wall to use the drawers. Others have drawers on only one side, so the bed can go against the wall, creating more space on the floor. If the drawers do not extend all the way to the other side of the bed, the space between the back of the drawer and the other side of the bed also provides storage space for items of little use.

Storage beds have significant advantages over ordinary beds. The drawers help organize the child’s room, and since the drawers sit under the mattress, children do not need help to put things in and out of them. Because the drawers are close to the floor, there is little chance of a child pulling the bed over when pulling the drawer, unlike some vertical dressers that can tip over to not be anchored to the wall.

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