Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror Ideas

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Amazing Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

Lighted vanity makeup mirror – Of all the areas in your bathroom, the vanity requires the greatest amount of light. Appropriate vanity lighting gets rid of the shadows so you can see yourself better. Top lighting is necessary, as well as lighting on all sides of the mirror for the best lighting. Lighting from above is necessary to provide to resemble natural light, as it shines on your face. You can have a lighting strip on the track or have three or four accessories mounted on the wall above the head. Be sure to use 150 watt bulbs for the best amount of lighting for each device.

Other overhead lighting can be placed above the mirror and around the room. Depending on the height of the bathroom ceiling, choose a hanging accessory that is not so short that it does not provide enough light or so long that it interferes with your movement in the room. Lighting hanging from the ceiling is less likely to cast shadows on the wall and they help illuminate the rest of the bathroom.

Mounting lights around the courtesy mirror will provide the right amount of light. Do not use the brightest bulbs or white fluorescent light, which could cause you to use too much makeup. That could reveal everything that is being covered up. The correct amount of lighting would be 100 watts around the courtesy mirror if you decide to mount your lighting sideways.

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