Magic Of The Ideas Diy Under Bed Drawers

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Bed Drawers Oak

Diy under bed drawers – The bed base, if it is wider than the mattress, can be transformed into a storage box. In congested rooms, it is not always easy to have the necessary clearance to open sliding drawers. The trick? Create two large sliding doors to access the storage spaces under the bed. The beds with storage are usually placed on the ground, but you can opt for a suspended bed base that will reduce its massive pace.

For this, two solutions are possible. You can opt for a bed on feet, because many manufacturers sell feet separately to customize the bed. Otherwise, choose a hanging bed via a solid hanging system fixed in the wall. The bed base is an important part of the furniture of the room and can give it character and character.

For a chic and comfortable decor, you can opt for a padded bed base. Since only the structure is covered with fabric, there is no problem to integrate a drawer, also padded, to get a bed with built-in storage. Tip: An upholsterer is recommended if you want to change fabric or pad an existing bed base. For a new purchase, bedding manufacturers offer many models with a wide range of fabrics and colors.

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