Nice Full Size Bed With Storage Drawers Underneath

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Bed Drawers Underneath Espresso

The comfort of sleeping is also at the rendezvous since the full size bed with storage drawers underneath is equipped with a slatted frame on which you can put a mattress with a maximum thickness of 22 cm. You do not need to remove the quilt and pillows when you fold this storage bed. You will find for all uses and with all types of openings and finishes that you can find. Such as vertical opening, cross, with sofa, with a foldable desk, superimposed.

With regard to editing systems, they are divide into 3 main categories. First, the slim system: the bed cabinets are extra-flat in depth and are fixed to the wall. It does not have to be a carrier, but it must be strong enough. These beds open vertically or transversely.

Second, the opening system on pivoting axis, which must be fix on a load-bearing wall. And then, the self-supporting system, which does not require a fixing system. Declination of the bed cabinet, the bridge bed has the advantage of being surrounded by multiple storage, which come to form a bridge (hence its name) above the headboard. Here again, you optimize the space in your room and concentrate the cupboards and drawers in the same place.



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