Take Ideas Metal Bed Frame Twin

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Black Twin Bed Frame

Metal bed frame twin – If you found it in the attic of your grandparents, do not throw it away! You could lend it for a movie of course but you can also install it at home. There are a thousand ways to acclimatize it. Look what they did and take ideas … This one kept his original painting. These were stripped and then varnished. It was not a real pair. They were unearthed separately but treated identically.

Well adapted to the decor and the painted floor of this guest room in the countryside. For a happy contrast with the pastel choices of this room, some elements are clad in black. The bed was entirely lacquered in this color, like the iron bedside tables that serve as bedside tables. To balance the linear effect, a small mass effect with matching lampshades.

This one for more softness has been painted in dark gray satin. The clapboard on the wall is in light matt gray, bed linen and lampshade in white. Less brutality in the contrasts for a restful room. Depending on the mood and character you want to give to your room, it is you who choose the color of this metal bed: it lends itself to everything.

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