The Best Way Mirrored Frames

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Mirror With Photo Frames

Buying a flat mirror is a cheap way to get mirrored frames for your bathroom or bedroom. They are big space savers and easy to install. However, you can step up a snap by designing the mirror so that it looks a little more sophisticated. You can design the mirror to match your room decor and, with a little ingenuity, you will end up with an original artwork, too.

Decide on materials

Normally when you think of mirrored frames, the mental image of a brown wooden frame comes to mind. There is nothing wrong with that, but there are more interesting options: a seashell frame, a driftwood frame, a tiled frame, glass frame, a cast iron frame, an old book frame, a bamboo frame or even a Popsicle stick frame. These are just a few ideas to come to mind. Really, if you can glue it to an existing frame or the mirror itself, you can use it.

Choose a color

Look around the room and see what color or material would complement what is already in the room. If you have a cool white bathroom, maybe a frame painted sea foam green would add some sparkle. If you put the mirror in a rustic cabin, some rough wood might add character to the room. Choose a nice color to add to the room, and then apply it to the material you have chosen in section 1. For example, if you have decided on a tile frame for a mirrored bathroom mirror, choose a color or pattern that complements the bathroom’s existing color scheme.

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