Thousand Ways To Decorate Metal Bed Headboards

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Bed Metal Headboards Frame

The metal bed headboards is a classic children’s room. Timeless, they are suitable for all styles, as shown in these examples: retro, contemporary, catalectique, boy, girls … By taste, I like when they are refined without arabesques, but for a “princess”, why not? There are even some with bed skies. Here, freshness and simplicity, all white with just a very nice blue on the wall borrowed from the palette of Benjamin Moore. In addition to being easy to integrate into any decor, these metal beds had many other benefits.

Completely removable, they held very little space and moved easily, you could place the bed frame of his choice (slats or spring).This perhaps explains their longevity and the fact that they are still very much used today … It is not absolutely necessary to find the entire bed. Sometimes, just the backrest helps to give a little bit of modern air to your holiday room…

More rare and not to be missed if you find, these metal beds are typical of the Adriatic countries. In the same way as before, their owners combed them the color they liked. We can therefore find opaline blues, greens, roses … or blacks. Afterwards it’s up to you to see what you want them to be …

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