Very Practical Bunk Beds With Storage Drawers

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Adult Bunk Beds Drawer

Bunk beds with storage drawers – In the house, all means are good to save space! In the room of the big ones like that of the small ones, one thus adopts the modular beds and their very practical storage. All in discretion, the bed base of this bed conceals a side drawer and a small niche. We can store both the magazines that hang around clothes that clutter the cabinet. The advantage of this modular bed is that no handle is visible at its storage.

We knew the bed with integrated drawers, a little less the bed with rattan baskets. This teak-stained multi-storage bed has recesses on the side and at the end of the bed. These niches allow you to fit several baskets or use them as shelves to store books for example. Baskets or shelves as storage under the bed, it’s up to you!

Use the space under the bed differently with a trunk bed . Even more discreet than drawers, the trunk can hide all the things that clutter the room. The maneuver is simple: you just have to lift the bed frame and put away. Preferably there are things that are not used every day like quilts and pillows. A real trompe l’oeil bed that blends into the decor.

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