Wrought Iron Bed Frames Furniture

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Iron bed frames – Furniture made from this distinctive ironwork can often be found in garage sales and antique stores, as well as traditional furniture stores. Wrought iron is traditionally coated with black paint but can be refinished if a different color is desired or if the finish has been damaged, rusted or dull from normal wear and tear.

Ideas for painting a wrought iron bed frames, put on protective gloves. Scrape loose or peeling paint and rust with a stiff wire brush. Sand the entire structure of the bed with aluminum oxide sandpaper. Roughness to the metal slightly helps the primer and paint to grip the surface, resulting in a more professional finish. Dip a soft cloth in the mineral spirits. Clean the entire structure of the wrought iron bed with mineral spirits to remove sandpaper particles, dust, dirt and oils. Wait for the bed frame to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

Apply at least two coats of alkyd primer to the metal. Previously painted wrought iron does not necessarily need to be primed, but primer helps the paint to bond better with the metal. Several thinner layers provide better results than a thick base coat. Priming also prevents the age color from bleeding through if the piece is being painted in a lighter color.  Paint the bed frame with at least two coats of oil-based paint. Oil-based paint usually takes longer to dry than latex.

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